Ohio Design Thinking Course

Lake Erie College Wraparound Seminar

Design Thinking Across the Curriculum
Thursday, Sept 29, 2016
8:00am  4:00pm

ED 7001
In collaboration with Lake Erie College and Perry Local School District, the Design Learning Network invites Ohio teachers to act now; enroll in Design Thinking Across the Curriculum, a two-part insightful reduced-rate seminar! 

Join us for Part 1 on Thursday, Sept 29 at Lake Erie College from 8:00am to 4:00pm for an all-day workshop. We will focus on five highly effective design-based learning strategies that can easily be applied using existing curriculum at any grade level. Part 2 consists of online experiences designed to support personalized applications based on your students’ learning needs, IPDP, district goals, and/or building priorities. Please bring a computer or tablet of your choice.
  • Create and implement problem-based learning experience
  • Enhance student awareness of mindset dispositions
  • Assess growth via visual-spatial reasoning, conceptual modeling

Special Message from Perry Local School Teachers!
"Please join us in our two-part professional development seminar entitled Design Thinking Across the Curriculum. 

At Perry Local Schools, we embrace design thinking as a powerful way to engage our students – they think more, we work less when a design learning challenge is at play. Students are challenged to make real-world connections, often beyond our expectation. Learners act as drivers of their own learning outcomes in ways that transfer across the curriculum. 

Design-based learning strategies prepare our students to learn, improve, and apply new skills. We no longer hear "What time is class over?" Rather, students cannot wait to tackle a new design challenge. Make the time to learn, think, and develop your ideas in this PD opportunity!"

Course Requirements 
Eight hours of large and small group work completed on Sept 29, a minimum of seven hours of additional online time logged as individual and small group application of the seminar content by Nov 30.

To register for ED 7001, please do so no later than Wednesday, September 21, at the Lake Erie College Center for Leadership and Professional Development's Enrollment Site.

Questions? Contact doris@designlearning.us