Design Learning Network

Design Learning Network
The ultimate goal of the Design Learning Network is to collaborate with members and international partners to create effective and sustainable design learning links between primary, secondary, and higher education students and teachers on a global scale. 

“Having a goal is important.
Having a goal that matters provides a sense of purpose.
However things change should one actually achieve a goal.”
- Dr. Robert Greenleaf

The Design Learning Network offers K-12 educators and their students opportunities to embrace a design-based “pedagogical” approach to teaching and learning best practices – our goal is for students to learn how to become confident and creative problem-solvers, act as purposeful makers, take ownership of their learning, and make good choices.

The overarching objective of the network is to create a wide cross-section of disciplines to engage in meaningful design learning experiences within a network of activities such as design learning challenges, workshops, and symposiums, along with dynamic online communications and collaborations

Grounded in an action research approach, the aim of the network’s efforts is to mindfully enhance overall educational experiences for all educators and students involved.

Design Learning Network Partnerships