2011 Challenge Guidelines

Three Summary Sentences due by 12pm CST, Monday, August 8, 2011

This information will introduce your study to the Design Learning Challenge Jury members.
  1. Current Study Question
  2. Summer Learning Program Context
  3. Intended Student Learning Outcomes

Final submissions posted by 12pm CST, Thursday, September 1, 2011
  • Design Learning Integration Plan Submissions must be delivered via Google Sites
  • All submission links will be shared with stakeholders in blind form, without names or contact information
  • Additional representations such as posters, videos, and/or survey data analysis are highly encouraged, also due September 1
  • Submission prior to deadline is advised to allow the judges more time to consider each plan

Notification of award winners posted by Monday, September 12, 2011
  • Carefully selected judges will assess submissions using a common rubric in a blind format without knowledge of applicant name, school of attendance, nor contact information
  • Team submissions are considered one entry, therefore one award to be shared between partners

Participation and Submission Steps

  • To receive up to the minute notifications, please join the "Design Learning Challenge" Facebook Group. Note: this is a Closed Group, not accessible to non-participants.
  • Explore and identify a local summer learning program options as potential partners.
  • Consider the items as described on the Study Questions and the Action Research pages as you frame, conduct, and represent your study.
  • Become clear in your mind on where your project resides on the continuum of How Humans Learn.
  • If possible, use the instructional flow framework described on the Cognitive Engagement page to design your study. 
  • Use the Food for Thought and References section pages as check points throughout your study.
  • In order to be represented at the NOCCA Design Day Learn Think Do Event and IDSA Conference, please produce a 1-3 minute YouTube video - to be posted on your Google Site. 
  • Think of the video as a your elevator speech. What are the essential elements you want/need your viewers to know and learn about your study? The goal is to create a sense of curiosity, causing your viewer to actively want to visit your site.
  • Contact Doris if you have questions about using Google Sites to present your study.
  • Submission steps/hints will be continuously updated.
  • For further information, guidance, coaching, questions, concerns, or comments, please contact Doris at doris@designlearning.us.