2011 Study Questions

Please focus on one Design Learning Integration Category, then select one Essential Question to address and develop in your Challenge Submission. 

Stakeholder Needs and Expectations
What do students need/expect of a design-centered high school?

What do college educators need/expect of graduating design high school students?

What do design practitioners (and industry) need/expect of graduating designers?

Design Continuum and Learning Process
Where on the continuum of design thinking, learning, and doing, should design high schools focus?

What if design high school students were offered a voice and choice in their learning process?

What if a design certification were offered to teach design high school curriculum, along with design standards?

Learning Experiences, Content, Curriculum Mapping, and Assessment
What should design high school students know and be able to do at the end of 9th grade?

What should design high school students know and be able to do upon graduation (and in between)?

How will teachers assess if the students are learning, performing, and producing at expected capacity of mastery?

Learning Environments
What are the essential elements of design high school teaching and learning environments?

What are the critical architectural elements to consider, i.e. LEAD certification, student-driven stewardship, etc.?