2012 Challenge Rationale

Why participate in IDSA Design Learning Challenge 2012?

  • This challenge offers college art and design students a safe place to explore a Learn.Think.Do approach.
  • The goal is to co-create innovative and participatory design learning experiences with art students in grades 6-12.
  • Cultivating curiosity, creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication are at the core of the learning process.
  • Unlike the tradition of being handed an assignment, design and art students will create a methodology to investigate and concepts they want to prove.
  • Art and design students, along with K-12 students, will figure out, what they want to figure out as the foundation of their study.
  • Each Challenge Category is embedded in a project-based learning approach; design and art students will “learn how to fish, as opposed to being fed fish."


DesignIntelligence 2012 Report

As identified within the DesignIntelligence 2012 report summary, "Big changes are in the works and are frequently mentioned by research participants in industrial and product design. Practitioners project that there will be more emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated practice, greater emphasis on business skills and professional practice proficiency, increasing emphasis on sustainable design, and continuing upgrades to more efficient technology including both hardware and software. 

Design will power growth in business and in the quality of life in the future. It will provide corporations with competitive advantage and enable communities and neighborhoods with experiences of human satisfaction and well-being. 

Design does and will continue to need leaders who contribute to positive change in society — people of judgment and courage. Those with design degrees should be able to add health and equity to situations and environments wherever they happen to be. In the pages that follow, you will see some of today’s design leaders and the schools they attended. In the not too distant future there will be another list made up of leaders who are enrolled in design schools today. DesignIntelligence’s forecast is that future design leaders will have increasing influence and provide even more strategic optimism. Call this a continuous improvement imperative for the design professions."

Source: http://www.di.net/articles/archive/3746/