About the Perry Teachers

Sym 2016 Design Learning Teachers

Cindy Klinar

Cindy Klinar has studied the education process for over 20 years, spanning grades K-8, with an emphasis in language development.
Her most recent exploration has positioned her as a design coach in the Design Learning class offered as a specials rotation at Perry Elementary School. It is here that students grow their abilities to explore, create, communicate, collaborate and reflect within their current grade curriculum as they build a strong mindset that allows them to be in control of their learning. The position has challenged her to redesign her own thinking of what it means to teach.

Blanche Davidson

Blanche Davidson is the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Teacher at Perry Middle School in Perry, Ohio. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Industrial Sales at the University of Toledo. Her Ohio teaching license is in Secondary Mathematics, Grades 7 – 12. Prior to accepting the call to teach, Blanche worked for 20 years in the chemical and construction materials industries, rising to the level of Director of Marketing in her last position. Blanche was named the 2015 Lake County Science Teacher of the Year sponsored by Lubrizol. She has also received the NEOACS Dr. Roy V. Harrington Award. 

Sarah Rivera

Sarah Rivera is currently the STEM Teacher at Perry High School. She teaches a variety of classes including art, Engineering, Environmental Science, and Biomedical Science.
A tech-guru since the days of DOS, she loves incorporating new, fun technology into her classroom, such as 3D printers, and thrives on creating an authentic learning experience for her students. She has formed partnerships with Cleveland State University’s Fenn Academy, Cleveland Clinic, Kent State University, and E-NABLE, and has been an avid grant writer for 5 years.

Steve Floro

Steve Floro has been engaged in media production for around ten years. He discovered the power of independent learning at a young age, seeing that this ability unlocks a wide range of potential. Through these experiences he has learned dozens of software applications and found a love of technology fused with creativity. As a teacher, one of his passions is to share this excitement of self-led learning with his students, to turn them from consumers of media to producers of it.