Autodesk Design Academy

Autodesk Design Academy

Enhance your curricular offerings using immersive design projects with Autodesk
Design Academy

Integrating Design-Based Teaching Tools

We experienced firsthand free content, immersive design projects and tools from Autodesk throughout the workshop. We discussed creative ways in which to integrate engaging design related teaching tools into your ongoing art, design, the humanities, and STEM courses.

During this workshop, we:
  • Learned about available free technologies and projects to help students engage in creative and innovative thinking (irrespective of their subject of study)
  • Experienced Autodesk Design Academy and discussed ideas to use it’s tools and technologies evoke creativity in the classroom
  • Explored ways to integrate Autodesk Design Academy into existing K-16 course offerings to challenge students from multiple perspectives 


What is Autodesk Design Academy? 
Autodesk Design Academy is a free-for-all dynamic web-based portal that provides teachers and students a unique project-based learning experience and explores science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).  

It provides unique, relevant project-based learning through real-world examples from industry. It also enables teachers to focus on teaching rather than being software experts by providing students the resources they need to address problems using Autodesk software. In addition, the interactive multimedia experience caters to the highly visual, tech-savvy nature of the 21st-century learner. 

The projects are designed to engage students in a new way of learning technology using real-time 3D, games, and short easy-to-follow videos. It includes extensive lesson plans and everything needed to get started— whether you are new to Autodesk® software or have been teaching it for years. 

How do I access Autodesk Design Academy? 
The workshop is available online at Most of the curriculum is available online. Some materials require registration and/or login to the Autodesk Education Community to download.  

Let’s Get Started!

Autodesk provides teachers with free access to our robust project and lesson content called the Design Academy. Autodesk's Design Academy helps educators engage students with project based lessons and real world scenarios that stimulate creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem solving skills. Aligned with global college and career readiness standards, these design challenges for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art (STEAM) curriculum, comprise a rich and interactive learning environment that can be quickly and easily integrated into the classroom. 

At Autodesk, we believe in utilizing a Design Thinking approach to education, to empower educators, engage students, and enhance learning outcomes.  

Autodesk’s Design Academy projects challenge students to apply design thinking to real world challenges whilst also guiding students through the creative problem solving or “design thinking” process. In as little as 1.5 hours, students learn key subject-matter knowledge, useful design vocabulary and practical 21st-century skills that can support your students for academic and career success. 

Case Study

High school students design zero-emission electric vehicle with help from the Autodesk Design Academy. – (