Brainstorming Activity

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Brainstorming and Divergent Thinking Thinksheet


1.     As the first step toward redesigning targeted aspects of the challenge, generate many possible ideas or solutions (minimum 30) by asking “what if?” and “how might we?” questions – common ideas (convergent) as well as alternative points of view, including negative thoughts (divergent)

2.     Then identify top convergent and divergent ideas – about 6 from each type

3.     Describe new insights (understandings) or unexpected thoughts have come to mind

4.     As individuals, then as a team, reflect on the process – what was difficult, what was easy?

Brainstorm at least 30 Redesign Ideas - then Identify Top 6 Convergent and Top 6 Divergent Ideas


New Insights or Unexpected Thoughts


Reflection on Process