Challenge Categories

Embracing a Learn.Think.Do approach, Design Learning Challenge 2012 Teams will select one of the following three submission categories. Design college students will co-create (participatory) design learning experiences with art students in grades 6-12.

Design Learning Challenge 2012 Categories

  • Design Day Events focus on a meaningful and relevant single design day happening

  • Targeted Design Projects are directly linked to specific areas of high interest of team members as well as art students and teachers

  • Industrial Design Awareness Campaigns can take multiple forms, so long as the intent is to create a greater awareness of the discipline of industrial design

Example  |  Design Day Event

Overarching Question What impact might design thinking and learning skills have on students’ capacity to the design of their learning spaces?

Essential Learning Components

  • What knowledge, skills, or understandings will the students need to know about design?
  • What are the key components of learning space design that are relevant in today’s world?
  • What order of the design makes sense? By what criteria?
  • What are the needs of the learners who will use the spaces?

Further information posted on: Learn.Think.Do

Example  |  Targeted Design Project

Overarching Question Can a student learn to evaluate critically their experiences in order to create new design solutions?

Essential Learning Components

  • What will students need to know about the elements, principles, and expressive qualities of design?
  • How are those qualities used to convey intent, express ideas or meaning?
  • How do tools, technologies, and processes create meaning?
  • In what ways do art and society intersect within everyday life?

Further information posted on: Experiencing Designed Life

Example  |  Industrial Design Awareness Campaign

Overarching Question How can a collaborative relationship between local high schools, college design students, and surrounding companies help create a greater awareness of the discipline of industrial design?

Essential Learning Components

  • How much do high school students today know about design?
  • To what extent are local high schools teaching design?
  • Which instructional approaches might be most effective?
  • How might Universities become involved?
  • How would students like to learn and become inspired about design?
  • What are the key influences on high school students today in regards to learning and development?

Further information posted on: iDesign Awareness