Step 5 - Evaluate

This challenge is open to all K-16 educators and their students. Please do adjust the flow as you see fit based 
on subject, grade level, available time, and student's learning needs.

Highlights of your students’ design learning challenge final projects will be gladly posted on the project website: 

Indicators of Student's Learning Successes

I will be able to empathize (relate) with my person’s disposition (character) toward dilemmas (situations), challenges (problems), adversity (barriers), and the choices he/she has made
  • When I can successfully explain their (and alternative) perspectives to someone who is new to the situation

I will be able to understand my person’s capacity
to effectively manage their growth/fixed mindset dispositions (character) when faced with challenges (problems) and/or adversity (barriers)
  • When I can effectively describe their dispositions, purpose of efforts and persistence, as well as impact of choices 

I will know that my team has successfully
applied creative (original thought) and innovative (new and purposeful) decision making practices
  • When we can show evidence of original solutions that are purposeful as well as sustainable (renewable)

I will know that I have become aware
of my own growth mindset dispositions(character)
  • When I can manage challenges (problems) and adversity (barriers) with a sense of purpose and persistent effort

Prior gathering student engagement feedback, check in with your students' level of understanding with the POST-Assessment (scored but not graded)

After the POST-Assessment, ask your students to complete the Engagement Feedback Form. Gathering this information will help us better understand their levels of usefulness, engagement, awareness of decisions and interactions, as well as confidence as a creative problem solver. Feel free to tally the results and scribe the comments yourself or send PDFs of the completed forms to

Final Summative Evaluation
Conduct a final evaluation of your choice (scored and graded). Adjust evaluation questions and/or prompts as needed based on data gathered from the POST-Assessment as compared to previous formative assessments (mindset inventory, disposition management thinksheet, plan of action, etc.)

Post-Symposium 2014 - Teachers Submit Sample Student Work
Revised/Final Plan of Action
Photos and/or Videos
Student Engagement Feedback Form