Design is to Doing as...

Design is do Doing as Learning is to Thinking
Quarterly of the Industrial Designers Society of America
Summer 2011

“Design is to Thinking as
Learning is to Doing”
Summer 2011 Issue of IDSA's Journal - Innovation

Design is to Doing as Learning is to Thinking,” offers a design premise, pedagogical approach and historical reference to the notion of design learning. The article begins by linking innovation and design to a Learn.Think.Do approach as prerequisites to the design process. In other words, learning prepares us to think, design readies us to do. Furthermore, the notion of design learning is anchored in the research and work of the late insightful visionary, Victor Papanek (my former design professor). Papanek encourages designers to proactively balance their capacity to Learn.Think.Do with a deep understanding of the human condition. 

Beyond, the article describes three innovative high schools: Da Vinci Design School, the Charter High School for Architecture and Design as well as the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

The piece concludes with an open invitation for design practitioners and educators to become involved! 

“Design integration can mean something as simple as a one-time 30-minute presentation to a group of interested students, mentoring a student on a design-related service-learning project or independent study, or as a guest lecturer for a unit of study within a consumer education class." 

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to live near a design high school?