DLC Quick Start Guide

Lunar Design Endorses the IDSA Design Learning Challenge 2012

“LUNAR is so pleased to be involved with the Design Learning Challenge. We believe that creativity has a crucial role
to play in our educational development, and we love to see how IDSA and Doris Wells-Papanek are designing an
approach that will bring the resources of the industrial design community to K-12 students around the country.”

The Design Learning Challenge is an integral part of IDSA’s efforts to promote and develop an understanding of
the practice of industrial design at the K-12 level. 
College art and design students all over the United States are

being challenged to co-create innovative and participatory design learning experiences with K-12 art educators
and their students, anchored in design thinking and learning skills.

If your design firm or corporate office would like to support Design Learning Challenge 2012, please contact 
Doris Wells-Papanek at doris@designlearning.us. In-kind and/or monetary donations are very much appreciated!

Top 5 Reasons to Participate…

1.     Imagine what it would be like to guide K-12 students through the design process, igniting their curiosity and actively engaging them in critical thinking and problem solving, communication, and creativity and innovation.

2.     Here’s your chance to make a difference. 98% of high school students report being bored in school, 82% welcome opportunities to be creative in school, and only 33% said they enjoyed school.

3.     What would life have been like had your school assignments been anchored in problem solving and creative thinking, rather than countless worksheets?

4.     Investing in the discipline of industrial design now will pay off later. Only 40% of design students and professionals today knew of the discipline prior to high school graduation. After entering college, it took 1-3 years before they knew of the field.

5.     Your team will establish the foundation for future Design Learning Challenge participants, educators, and students. Your submissions will be shared, and therefore built on by like-minded art and design students around the country, all based on your team’s efforts.

Who Can Participate in the Design Learning Challenge?

      • Design Learning Challenge Teams (2-4 art and/or design college students) will collaborate with a K-12 educator and their students, along with being guided by a local mentor. The goal is to have fun, learn new ways of thinking and designing, and facilitate a learning process that results in understanding design.

      • If you are a senior, team up with like-minded students to embed a slice of your thesis. The goal is to create a meaningful connection with your K-12 educator and students. You will co-create and develop a project within one of the three broad categories: Design Day Event, Targeted Design Project, or Industrial Design Awareness Campaign.

      • If you are a sophomore or junior, all are encouraged to invest in a new or existing concept to study – as long as the project aligns with one of the three submission categories.

      • Final submissions are due May 15, 2012. Ongoing milestones and deadlines are posted on the project website: www.designlearning.us

How Do Participants Sign Up?

  • Gather your team, create a Facebook page, and invite the Design Learning Challenge facilitator to join no later than March 18, 2012. If requested, assistance will be provided to connect you with a K-12 educator and students.

  • Secure your mentor, dig into the Design Learning Challenge components, and submit your Draft Goal Sheet (to be posted soon).

  • For further information, please visit www.designlearning.usAnything else? Contact DLC Facilitator, Doris Wells-Papanek at: doris@designlearning.us

What are the Options for Awards and Recognition?

  • Prominent industrial design firms and corporate offices will be asked to endorse and fund awards. 

  • Anticipated awards of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive respectively: $2,000, $1,000, $500.

  • Winning teams will receive noteworthy recognition on IDSA's website. Your submissions will be judged by the best in industry and education.