DIY Learning Pedagogy Research

Project Overview

A Problem, or Perhaps an Opportunity?

The 2009 Indiana State University "High School Survey of Student Engagement" found:
  • Over 65% of our nation's high school students today are bored at least every day in class.
  • 82% shared they would welcome the opportunity to be more creative in school.

Project Goals
  • To bring an awareness of the discipline of design
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop problem solving and innovative thinking skills and processes
  • To actively engage students in project-based learning curriculum 
  • To cause students to develop, apply, and transfer understandings into core subjects
  • To encourage students to invest in their learning experiences and continue their education beyond high school
  • To link students to community, businesses, design practitioners, and higher education
  • To measure student-centered accountability learning outcomes
  • To track mastery towards fundamental competencies, matriculation, and employment, etc.
Proposal   click here to link to project website

We would like to embed design related learning curriculum and experiences into high schools based on student learning needs and context. 

DIY Learning offers students alternative vehicles to open their minds and develop self-directed learning practices to then apply and transfer into core classes such as world language, mathematics, history, humanities, and the sciences.