Facilitator's Assessment

Facilitator Input and Feedback

Greetings Challenge 2013 Facilitators!

I am so very delighted to invite you to complete this final assessment for Challenge 2013.

  • Your input and feedback will serve as an overview for jury members to consider while reviewing your students’ design learning experiences
  • The assessment will ask you to respond to 10 targeted prompts using a rating scale of 0-4 along with opportunity for comment
  • Please assess your students' learning experiences from an objective frame of reference

The design learning process strives to instill a "growth mindset" within students – one that embraces both successes and failures

  • Reflect on this year’s lessons learned  – to then consider alternative actions in preparation for next year’s challenge
  • Celebrate newly formed competencies – to serve as the basis for a never-ending cycle of digging into new forms of inquiry

Please do let me know if you have any questions!

All the best,

Assessment Instructions
  1. Download the word document below (click on the blue arrow)
  2. Add your name to the title of the file when saving the document 

  3. Begin on page 2 by inserting the title of the challenge
  4. The title must match information provided of the Google Site

  5. Indicate assessments by inserting an “X” in appropriate column
  6. Insert explanations in the form of clarifications, comments, etc.

  7. Please attach your Facilitator Input and Feedback Assessment as a PDF file on the Evaluate page of your Google Site

Deadline | No later than 10pm CST on Friday, May 15

Please send the following items to doris@designlearning.us

    • One Assessment for each Challenge
    • Google Site Link(s)
    • Embedded 1-3 Minute Video

Doris Wells-Papanek,
May 2, 2013, 9:44 AM