Submission Instructions

Dear Design Learning Challenge Participants,

Congratulations, you’re in the last stretch of dedicated and purposeful work! 

Please follow the steps below to submit your submission...

  1. Generate content for your submission based on the Design Learning Challenge Story Framework.

  2. All contents in your submission must be “blind” – please do not include names or location/s of stakeholders involved.

  3. Produce a 1-3 Overview Video.

  4. Complete the Submission Self-Assessment – one assessment  required per team.

  5. Please do include Self-Assessment comments for your benefit as well as the Jury Panelists. Jury members will be using the identical evaluation instrument.

  6. Based on your self-assessment, please do adjust your Story content etc. as needed. Feel free to request feedback at any time by sending a message to

  7. Refresh your Instructional Flow Plan, as well as any related Lesson Plan and/or Activity Plan. Note, the Activity Planner has just recently been posted and is optional for 2012 inclusion. The Planner will be required in the 2013.

  8. Visualizations, photographs, and other related imagery is highly encouraged.

  9. Presentation board/s are optional, however encouraged.

  10. Integrate all of the above information as content and/or attachment/s into your Google Site.

  • Winners will be announced on Friday, June 8.

  • Once winners are announced, please do refresh your Google Site, Overview Video, etc. to include names, locations, photo/s of participants, and contact information.

  • All participants and winners will be recognized at the IDSA International Conference in Boston, August 15-18, 2012.

  • Beyond, all participant entries will remain as archives on our project website for all to celebrate and benefit from your substantial efforts.