Google Sites Template

At first glance, these steps may look a bit scary, no worries!

Once you become accustom to the editing tools, all will be fine. 
To prepare your final submission via Google Sites, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click here to launch the: Google Sites Template
  2. View content prompts for each page - note, there is a "print page" option (bottom of the page)
  3. Generate your content in a word document prior to populating your project Google Site

  4. Send an email message to to create a link to your own template
  5. In your message, please include information regarding which challenge you are working on
  6. Also, use Google Account email address to send the message using your 
  7. If you do not have an account, jump ahead to Steps 9-13, then loop back to Step 8

  8. Google will automatically send you a notification message to share "challenge2013submissions(yourname)" - to change the name of the site, see Steps 14-16

  9. Bring up Google in a browser, click on the "More" drop down button - the last item in the Task Bar
  10. Click the last option - "Even more"
  11. Scroll down to the middle of the page to the "Home & Office" section
  12. Click on the "Sites" icon, second option in the right hand column
  13. Sign into your Google Account, or create one by pressing the red "Sign Up" button (upper right)

  14. Once logged in, press the "More" drop down button on the upper right (next to the "Share" button)
  15. Scan down to the 3rd group of option, select "Manage site"
  16. Change the "Site name" to a name of your choice

  17. Adjust the "Site description" with your own description
  18. Just below, you can also change the landing page if so desired
  19. At the bottom of the page, please adjust the access settings to be: Users who can access site activity to - "Anyone who can view this site activity" and Users who can access revision history - "Collaborators only"
  20. To return to the editor, press the red "SAVE" button on the upper left then the site title with the grey arrow that is just to the left

  21. From there, you should ready to begin populating each page - you must be logged in to edit
  22. To enable copy and paste from your word document, click on the "pencil" icon button (upper right)
  23. An task bar will appear at the top of the page with a simple set of editing tools and menus
  24. Replace existing prompts and content with your own within each page
  25. Remember to press "Save" before you attempt to move onto the next page (blue button in the upper right)

  26. Further editing tools can be found by pressing the grey "More" button (upper right), selecting "Manage Site", then exploring the two lower left options on the navigation bar - "Colors and Fonts" and "Themes"

  27. Please do let me know if you have questions along the way, I'm here to help: