Hands-On Sessions

Cultivating Master Problem Solvers:
Authentic Learning, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity
Co-Facilitated by Perry Teachers

Discover how four classroom teachers implement problem-based learning strategies while engaging students in visual-spatial reasoning skill-based challenges. 

In this hands-on session, we will explore various techniques for cultivating a mastery-based problem solving culture using the design learning process. Key ideas will include real-world authentic learning, entrepreneurship, and the effective use of technology and creativity across grade levels throughout the Perry Local School District. Hear the students’ perspective on their journey to becoming Master Problem Solvers.

Transforming Mindsets: an Ideation Workshop
Facilitated by Lisa Grocott

This design learning hands-on session will engage participants in the process of working through different experiences of making. 

With a focus on Learning from Failure the participants will explore ideas for how this mindset could be reinforced at the level of the student learner, the classroom culture, and the school. Working independently participants will experience ways to develop and refine a robust idea. Using visual-spatial reasoning skills, participant will rapidly play with how to make their ideas tangible so they can be shared with others. One-to-one lightning critique rounds will drive the evolution of the ideas so that participants walk away with budding new ideas that could be developed individually or in project teams.

Designing a Breakthrough:
Using Conceptual Modeling 
to Empower Students to Overcome Critical Barriers
Facilitated by Robert Coven

In this hands-on session, we will discover ways conceptual modeling can empower students as they become innovative thinkers. 

We will use diagrammatic visuals to develop a deep understanding of the major forces involved in historical movements. Participants will be treated to an abbreviated version of a modeling session. We will see how modeling can provide students a way to engage in authentic scholarly work: constructing theory, developing provocative questions, analyzing evidence, and presenting clear conclusions.