Indicators and Proposals

Indicators of Success from Student’s Point of View

  • I will be able to empathize (relate) with my person’s disposition (character) toward dilemmas (situations), challenges (problems), adversity (barriers), and the choices he/she has made – when I can successfully explain their (and alternative) perspectives to someone who is new to the situation

  • I will be able to understand my person’s capacity to effectively manage their growth/fixed mindset dispositions (character) when faced with challenges (problems) and/or adversity (barriers) – when I can effectively describe their dispositions, purpose of efforts and persistence, as well as impact of choices

  • I will know that my team has successfully applied creative (original thought) and innovative (new and purposeful) decision making practices – when we can show evidence of original solutions that are purposeful as well as sustainable (self-sufficient)

  • I will know that I have become aware of my own growth mindset dispositions(character) – when I can manage challenges (problems) and adversity (barriers) with a sense of purpose and persistent effort

List Top 3 Initial Design Proposal Ideas