2050 Step 4 Demonstrate


Common Core State Standards

Writing Anchor Standard 4:
Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

Speaking and Listening Anchor Standard 5: 
Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations.
Design Learning Process Step 4  |  Demonstrate

Demonstrate  |  Lesson on March 1


Step 4)  Demonstrate  Finalize, Implement Plan of Action

Guide participants as they develop and demonstrate new understandings, skills, and connections to real life.

Finalize Plan of Action

4.1   Students review plan of action and adjust as needed to assure the best possible results – then confirm final form of the design solution

Iterations of Design, Visualizations

4.2   Learners engage in a series of iterative visualizations of prospective top design solutions – apply formative checkpoints, organize and make sense of data collected

Adjust, Prototype, Select Design

4.3   Students adjust design(s) as needed – select up to 3 concepts to prototype as mock-ups and/or models – apply final checkpoint to then select one design approach

Develop Final Design

4.4   Learners develop final design based on feedback received at each formative checkpoint along the way – to prepare a story of their learning experiences

Activity 1

Demonstrate Part I – Finalize Plan, Visualize, Prototype Final Design (90-min session)

Students join the March 1 event at 1pm to collaborate with entrepreneur startup professionals, teachers, professional designers, and college students

Initial contact will be with entrepreneurs  in a “speed dating” fashion – where teams have 3 minutes to pitch current plans of action and roadmaps (30 min)

Students transition into working groups to review and adjust plans based on input, feedback, and checkpoints

- Next engage in a series of iterative visualizations of top 3 design solutions

- Then apply final checkpoints to develop and prototype one final design concept (60 min)

Produce Storyboard

4.5   Students produce a storyboard  – to tell the story of how their design solution solves the problem in purposeful, creative, and innovative ways

Generate Process Book

4.6   Learners develop final design based on feedback received at each formative checkpoint along the way – to prepare a story of their learning experiences

Prepare 3-Minute Video

4.7   Students prepare a 3-minute video – to serve as an overview of innovative design solution and experiences with the design learning process

Refine Design, Presentation

4.8   Students continue refinements as needed to prepare and present their final design solution

Activity 2

Demonstrate Part II – Prepare Presentation (60-min session)

Teams prepare and deliver a 6-minute presentation for the panel of entrepreneur jury members

Jury members assess purposefulness, creativity, and innovative qualities of design solution for the Year 2050

Presentations must include the following:

- Prototype of Final Design Solution

- PowerPoint Storyboard or 3-Minute Video

Storyboard or video must include the following elements:

- Demonstrate how humans will interact with the design

- Explain the application of upcycled materials

- Qualify the impact on Kansas City industry and economy

Students take a POST-Assessment (10 min)

Design Solution Options

Art 2D, 3D Expression; Design Product, Communication , Service; The Humanities User Experience, Retrospective, Projection; Science Physical or Natural System Study; Technology Software System or Service; Engineering Structural System; Math Mathematical Model Study

Doris Wells-Papanek,
Feb 5, 2014, 11:14 AM