2050 Step 5 Evaluate


Speaking and Listening Anchor Standard 4:  
Present information, findings, and supporting evidence such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
Design Learning Process Step 5  |  Evaluate

Evaluate  |  Lesson on March 1


Step 4)  Evaluate  Assess Learning, Identify Next Steps

Ask participants for feedback. Did they learn the concepts and skills? Ideas for improvements? New questions?

5.1   Assess Learning Process

        Students reflect and make sense of their design learning experiences, progress towards learning key skills and concepts, as well as lessons learned 

Activity 1

Evaluate Part I – Final Presentations, Jury Process (75-min session)

Teams present to entrepreneur startup professionals, 6-min presentation per team (60 min)

Jury members assess team projects while all others prepare for open dialogue (15-min)

5.2   Consider Improvements

        Facilitators and learners consider how the evolution of the process could be improved – then identify any necessary changes if the challenge were repeated

5.3   Ask New Questions

        Students contemplate new critical questions that come to mind – then propose hypothetical next steps if they were to continue the project

Activity 2

Evaluate Part II – Open Dialogue Moderated by Garfield Gini-Newman (10-min session)

Students, entrepreneur startup professionals, teachers, professional designers, and college students join in all group discussion focused on the following prompts:

- How might this challenge in improved (prep and event)?

- What changes in the challenge should be made?

- What new questions come to mind as result of today’s event?

- If your project were to continue, what next steps are needed?

- What impact has this challenge experience had on you?

5.4   Conduct POST-Challenge Assessment

        Students re-take PRE-assessment – serves as a POST-challenge assessment and comparison of initial, midpoint, and end of project understanding and depth of knowledge findings

5.5  Apply and Transfer Learning

        Learners consider how new understandings (knowledge and skills) along with new ways of thinking – might be used in everyday life and/or in other subject areas

5.6   Final Evaluation

        Facilitators and students evaluate projects based on criteria established within the design learning process – this can serve as a summative (graded) assessment

Activity 3

Evaluate Part III – Jury Members Announce Results (5-min session)

Jury members announce final outcomes

Conduct POST-Assessment

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