Jury, Awards, Sponsorship


Jury Panel

Once final entries have been submitted on May 15, 2012, six (6) jury members will review, discuss, and judge your submissions in a blind format without knowledge of applicant name, school of attendance, nor contact information. Each panel member will be carefully selected based on his or her interest and involvement in the topic of design learning. It is our intent to invite 3 jurors from the 2011 challenge to participate, along with 3 new.

One rubric will be developed for each category using specific criteria to measure each team’s performance. A copy of the rubric will be posted in advance on the DLC project website for your consideration and self-assessment as you develop your submission.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three (3) teams with a First, Second, and Third Place ranking. The amount of each of the awards will be determined by the total funds raised. Our intent is to roughly double the award amounts granted in DLC 2011. The Top Three Awards will be announced on Friday June 8 along with a number of Honorable Mention Awards. All submissions will be posted on the DLC 2012 website regardless of award status to serve as valuable aspects of each students' portfolio.

Team submissions are considered one entry; therefore, one award will be shared amongst all team members. Each team will brainstorm and decide as a team how they will manage award monies if they were to win. A signed agreement will be required along with their final submission.

Each winning team will select a representative (registration fee waived) to attend IDSA’s 2012 International Conference in Boston, along with a possible presentation or panel. Selected teams will be asked to produce presentation boards for a special Design Learning Challenge section of the Design Gallery at IDSA’s 2012 International Conference in Boston.


We will reach out to IDSA professional and student chapters, design consulting firms, and corporations to assist in fundraising activities and contributions. These efforts will be used to fund student Design Learning Challenge Awards, provide in-kind donations to collaborating middle and high schools, and to sponsor showcase space in the Design Gallery at IDSA’s 2012 International Conference in Boston. Funds will also help to compensate for waived registration fees for the winning challenge student team representatives who attend the conference.