Jury Panel Instructions

Dear Design Learning Challenge Jury Members:
We are excited to welcome you to our 2012 Design Learning Challenge!

Please feel free to become acquainted prior to our calls…

  1. Perhaps you’d like to begin by reading through the first 3 sets of navigation links to become comfortable with the content and expectations of the participants?

  2. Make note of any questions you may have. We can talk about them during our conference call/s or prior if need be via a message to doris@designlearning.us

  3. Design college students along with K12 educators and their students have been digging deep into what it means to learn using a learn.think.do approach.

  4. About half of our participants this year involve design students who have teamed up with K12 educators, the other half are K12 educators exploring on their own.

  5. The primary purpose of the Design Learning Challenge is to expose young students to design thinking, 21st century learning skills, and the discipline of industrial design.

  6. One of the most significant aspects of the Design Learning Challenge is embedded in a pedagogy that positions K12 students as active co-participants and co-innovators.

  7. As you work your way through the Jury Rubric, please notice the distribution of points overall as compared to 3 main areas: Describe, Demonstrate, and Evaluate.

  8. There is space located at the conclusion of the Jury Rubric for your comments regarding each submission. These comments, along with associated scores will be shared with each submission team.

  9. Challenge participants will use the same rubric as a self-assessment and are embedded in their Google Site.

  10. Based on the work of Dr. Betty Garner, the learning process has been designed to be student-centered with a strong focus on K12 student learning outcomes.

  11. Dr. Garner’s approach to action research is also an essential component of the Design Learning Challenge methodology.