Co-Construction Defined

The Future of Unknowns

Co-Construction Defined:

Inspired by Victor’s perceptive call to action for designers to serve as co-facilitators, the Design Learning Network developed the Co-Construction ProcessAn inclusive and flexible approach that invites diverse sets of stakeholders to co-work, co-create, and co-innovate. 

The goal is to anticipate the need for change in a responsive manner; requires all to openly investigate barriers and pro-actively address adversities prior costly consequences.

Co-Facilitation Guiding Questions 
  • How might co-facilitators engage community leaders and members in the co-construction process?

  • How might community members show evidence of what they are learning, thinking, and doing... as they co-work, co-create, and co-innovate? 

  • How might community members demonstrate the capacity to flip negatives into positives?

  • What assessment criteria, alongside feedback loops, would Victor have set to empower community members to know when they are solving the problem(s) they intended to tackle?

Contact Doris Wells-Papanek:

The Future of Unknowns Challenge is facilitated by Doris Wells-Papanek, the founder and director of the Design Learning Network.