Morning Keynote, Workshop

Keynote Presentation
Peter H. Sloan, Jr., AIA

Nomadic Learning in an Ever Changing World
As young people around the globe adapt to the 21st century’s relentless demand of perpetual change, two critical constants remain – the need to belong, coupled with the desire to learn.

 The Rabbit Hole is the World’s First Explorastorium – a place where books live and breathe in a building overflowing with stories. During this insightful keynote, Peter Sloan will bring to life a place where little ones crawl, walk, and climb through an evolving array of immersive life-size storybook worlds and ever-changing galleries dedicated to the very best of children’s literature. Reaching far beyond flat pages of a book, children and adults alike engage in rare opportunities to meet and learn directly from the authors and illustrators themselves. Simply put, The Rabbit Hole is an immersive and interactive adventure, a laboratory of creativity, education, discovery, and play. 

What if we were to imagine an expanded version of The Rabbit Hole to support all learners, regardless of age, gender, learning need, ethnicity, geographic location, or social construct? How might 21st century nomadic learners seek informed partners as educators to guide them as they gain requisite knowledge and experience by way of inquiry – to become the architect of their own innovative learning adventure?

Morning Workshop
Facilitated the Design Learning Network and
Lead Challenge Teachers

Intentional and Purposeful Learning for All
Building on Peter Sloan’s keynote presentation, creatives and educators will be challenged to engage in a compelling mini-version of the middle and high school students’ Reinvent Learning on Purpose experiences. 

During this 90-minute fast paced workshop, we will reflect on our own lives as students as well as what it truly means to be a nomadic learner in the 21st century. We will dig into tons of possibilities, examine patterns and trends, as well as courageously flip negatives into positives – our learning objective is to imagine and explore what the world would be like if we were driven by the lens of purposeful and reflective learning. We will design places of learning that would take on many different types of interactive forums, all of which would be accessible to people of all ages regardless of where they are on the globe. 

Together we will conceptualize and visualize learning spaces where one’s own interests and ideas become the drivers of ongoing and intentional problem-solving processes supported by mentors and experts in any chosen area of study.