Keynote Presentations

Garfield Gini-Newman

Teaching for Deep Understanding in a Digital World
Teaching for deep understanding in a digital world requires a re-focusing of teaching and learning around a “thinking classroom”. 

The “thinking classroom” places critical, creative, and collaborative thinking at the of core learning. During the keynote, Garfield Gini-Newman will explore a framework for teaching and thinking that considers authentic critical challenges, teaching with intellectual tools anchored in visual-spatial reasoning required for success, and providing guidance through effective assessmentThe keynote will also touch upon supporting students in becoming self-regulated learners in a digital environment. Participants will leave the keynote with several powerful and practical strategies they can immediately implement in their class to support a thinking classroom.

Lisa Grocott

Prototyping our Future:
Mindsets, Self-Knowledge, and Design Learning
During this keynote, Lisa Grocott will unpack the life competences that are core to personal thriving and community resilience. 

We have learned that our habits of mind shape our mindset for learning. We believe our collective mission is about more than teaching academics. For we know that a student's potential capacity for future learning will determine how they adapt in an uncertain, ever-changing workplace. So what don’t we know? A lot it turns out. We don’t have a blueprint of how to teach these skills. We don’t know how malleable some skills are. We are not sure of the best way to measure mindset. We are still figuring a lot of this out. We have researchers investigating the science, districts and schools piloting programs, and practice communities of teachers exploring ideas in the classroom. 

Robert Coven

Breaking Through: Conceptual Modeling as a Means
to Enlightenment
Robert Coven's keynote will dig into a proven pathway designed to empower learners with permanent, deep, and transferable understandings. 

Conceptual modeling engages learners in a collaborative manner as they break through conceptual barriers. While the digital age offers a wide-open world of information, interactions often results in a flood of indiscriminate information without the required knowledge to make meaning, much less relevant connections. The result, students fall into the trap of unchallenged misconceptions.

Cindy Klinar and Blanche Davidson

Long-Term Impact of Coaching Students
as they Develop Mindset Disposition Awareness
During this keynote, Cindy Klinar and Blanche Davidson will share progress toward a long-term growth mindset action research study they are conducting.

The way we view the world has significant impact on how well we learn, namely, learning from mistakes. Students at Perry Elementary and Middle schools are coached to assess their level of growth vs. fixed mindset in order to develop their ability to persevere through the challenges of learning, and life. Resilience in their thinking develops an ability to monitor our disposition, empathy, and overall ability to communicate with others whether we are working on a solo project or attempting to collaborate. The reflection process itself opens up the ability to be a divergent thinker. A flexible mindset can quite possibly unlock levels of creativity and innovation in every facet of our lives.

Speaker: Name to be determined

Ohio’s Competency-Based Education Pilot and Innovation
Ohio’s Department of Education Competency-Based Education Pilot strives to create competencies aligned with Ohio’s Learning Standards to allow for student progression based upon mastery. The ODE speaker, will present an overview of Ohio’s Competency-Based Education Pilot.