Learning From Design!

ChildArt Magazine, December 2016
It is with great excitement that we share this design-learning project, a long time coming. 

The International Child Art Foundation, in partnership with the Design Learning Network, has published an amazing edition of ChildArt Magazine"Learning From Design!". The issue brings to life interviews with exceptional designers and insightful articles by design educators – compelling stories about designing the future, the powerful influence of mentors, and the incredible benefits of being curious, resilient, and persistent. 
Please click on the image below to view this complimentary issue of ChildArt Magazine:


We invite you to explore the thrill of design-based learning challenges, creative ways to visualize, construct, and articulate what you see in your imagination, as well as consider passionate pathways to design the life you love. 

You will learn of powerful ways to empathize with the struggles of others as well as your own, redesign learning at school, and embrace reading as a way to gain phenomenal courage. As our overarching goal, we seek to inspire young people to become courageous and creative problem-solvers, to use their own hands to bring their ideas to life, to become passionate about what they learn, and to make good choices.

Arnold Wasserman, Collective Invention
Peter Scupelli, Carnegie Mellon University
Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo
John Edson, LUNAR Design
Debbie Millman, Design Matters
Megan Neese, Nissan Future Lab
Ayse Birsel, Birsel + Seck
Paul Hatch, TEAMS Design

Welcome to Learning From Design! by Doris Wells-Papanek
Look Around You. Design is Everywhere! by Kathy Bonte
Seeing By Doing, by Robert Coven
A Design-Based Game Challenge, by Courtney Bryant

To learn more about the International Child Art Foundation, please visit: https://www.icaf.org/