Describe Global Activity


Step 2  |  Global Learning Activity with the United Kingdom

Describe  |  Linked Design Learning Activity with Lincoln, UK


Now that your problem statement has been framed, critical question identified, habits of mind discovered…

Consider your challenge path and possible adjustments as a result of the linked US/UK exchange.

Part Three - 1


How might we ensure that we…

Integrate our perspectives and pathways to ensure successful problem solving experiences?

Create a plan of action that ensures an innovative solution and viable entrepreneurship?

Propose a solution that is human-centered and supports a balanced and stabilized ecosystem?

1.     Draw a roadmap of the path your challenge has been on and where it is headed:

How has your team integrated ideas?

How does your plan ensure innovation?

How do you embrace entrepreneurship?

Is your solution is human-centered?

How will you offer a balanced ecosystem?


2.     Which top three actions have you taken to show evidence that your innovative solution is on track?




3.     Please prepare a brief presentation to share with your global design learning partners.
Think about what they need to know in order to provide meaningful input and feedback.

Part Three - 2

4.     As a team – present your challenge and roadmap to global design learning partners – listen carefully as they respond

5.     As you listen, what are the three most valuable ideas or suggestions they offer?




Part Three - 3

6.     Now consider your next steps:

How might you adjust your actions plans?

What new information might you need to move forward?

Who else might you need to check in with and/or talk with?

7.     As a team – regroup and move ahead with the design learning process – to ensure that industry and the economy of Kansas City will benefit.

Doris Wells-Papanek,
Feb 5, 2014, 10:36 AM