Lisa Grocott Full Keynote Brief

Lisa Grocott  (full keynote brief)

Prototyping our Future:
Mindsets, Self-Knowledge, and Design Learning

We know that our habits of mind shape our mindset for learning. We know these life competences are core to personal thriving and community resilience. We believe our collective mission is about more than teaching academics. For we know that a student's potential capacity for future learning will determine how they adapt in an uncertain, ever-changing workplace. 

So what don’t we know?

A lot it turns out. We don’t have a blueprint of how to teach these skills. We don’t know how malleable some skills are. We are not sure of the best way to measure mindset. We are still figuring a lot of this out. We have researchers investigating the science, districts and schools piloting programs, and practice communities of teachers exploring ideas in the classroom. 

This keynote illuminates the insights that emerge when we use our classrooms and schools as a laboratory for exploring the field of M.E.S.H competencies (Mindsets, Essential Skills and Habits). Being equal parts designer, researcher, and educator offers a unique perspective on how we can advance this work. Touching on work with learning scientists, students, and schools this address will introduce a diverse range of design-led projects that have intentionally engaged participants in making sense of their own mindset. In questioning how we create transformative learning environments an expansive definition of mindset surfaces. Beyond the mindset of the student, the creative projects also invite teachers to reflect on their mindset and schools to imagine new institutional mindsets.

With a focus on experiential learning the practice pushes the definition of making beyond the crafting of things. Instead the role of design learning examined here is about creating learning environments that make tangible, make fun, make sense, make possible and make known. Through this lens projects will be shared that use prototyping, playing, sketching, storytelling and reporting to take the learner (be that a student, teacher or administrator) through a range of reflective experiences that seek to deepen our self-awareness. In engaging the whole self we begin to make sense of our own ways of being and open the door to new futures for our students, ourselves and our learning communities.