Mindset Debate Flow

Growth Mindset Quote Debate

25 Minute Exercise  |  Preparation and Student Instructions

Of the 20 Sample Growth Mindset Quotes on the following page, select 9 that best match your student’s dispositions and/or learning needs

      • Prepare a large sheet of paper with selected quotes for students to vote via sticker dots or tally marks

      • Generate a targeted Growth Mindset Quote Thinksheet for students to select from – prior to voting on the large sheet of paper

5 minutes:    
Students read Growth Mindset Quote Thinksheet – then circle 3 quotes that are most meaningful

      • Invite students to place a sticker dot or tally mark next to quotes on the large sheet of paper – then wrap up voting process by identifying which 3 quotes received the most tallies from the entire class

      • Now divide class into 3 teams – assign each team with one of the selected quotes
      • Split teams in half, one sub-group supports the quote (for) and the other challenges its meaning (against)

5 minutes:    
As guided by the Growth Mindset Debate Preparation sheet, each sub-group (for or against) prepares for the debate by presenting no more than 3 points of view to make in their argument (students have access to growth and fixed mindset disposition examples below)

12 minutes:
Each sub-group has 1 minute to present their position to their counterparts (3 points of view) – 6 minutes

      • Then each  teams engages in a 2 minute debate with their subgroups – 6 minutes

3 minutes:    
Wrap up the session with a show of hands – “which argument (for or against) was the most compelling”

      • Now discuss which arguments most align with a growth or fixed mindset, and why? (see below)
      • As time allows, challenge students to select the most compelling point for each sub-group’s argument.

A Growth Mindset Believes:

  • To become talented, we can develop the necessary skills and knowledge

  • To become more intelligent, we can do so by way of learning

  • To figure things out, sometimes it requires tenacity and persistence

  • To make some things work, it requires greater effort

  • To succeed, sometimes it is best to seek assistance

A Fixed Mindset Believes:

  • Either we are naturally born with talent or we are not

  • Either we are born intelligent or we are not

  • Either we “get it” quickly or we don’t

  • Either we pick things up quickly, or we are not smart

  • Either we avoid or engage, it all depends on how hard something is