NAEA Convention 2014

The Design Learning Process, a Step by Step Approach

The overarching objective of the Design Learning Process is to invite students to develop the
capacity to "see with their eyes" and "see with their minds" -- to tap into their sense of
curiosity and make good choices.

Integrating Design Learning into Your Classroom, Best Practices that Work!

Integrating design learning into your classroom is not only a fun and exciting way to incorporate
art, technology, innovation, and standards-based curriculum, but it also offers students great

Building Bridges, Design Learning and Curriculum

The design learning process offers bridges between curriculum and the Common Core State
Standards. Students engage in English Language Arts opportunities to demonstrate
independence as well as respond to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and 
Learners make sense of CCSS Math standards by way of figuring out how to 
solve a problem
and constructing arguments. Next Generation Science Standards and the Core Art Standards
are also easily embedded.