New Hampshire Ed Tech 2015

The Powerful Impact of Technology Integration, Engaging Students in Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving

The Design Learning Network delivered a keynote presentation at the New Hampshire Education Technology Symposium 2015 on Friday, February 6, 2015 at Granite State College in Concord. The presentation provided insights into the integration of creative problem-solving and effective uses of technology using a problem-based learning approach.

Education Technology Integrator Certification Program

The Education Technology Integrator Certification Program that is currently being co-developed by a collaborative partnership between Granite State College and Design Learning Network – aims to make positive impact on student learning.

Using a problem-based learning approach, K-12 teacher certification candidates will create, implement, and assess cross-curricular real-world projects designed to integrate research-based creative problem-solving learning strategies into their students’ learning process as they engage in core curriculum by way of creative and innovative thinking, learning, and doing.

The primary goal of the Education Technology Integrator Certification Program is to improve student learning by teaching teachers how to guide students as they formatively monitor their ongoing learning progress as well as show evidence of their outcomes.

Prepared with a high impact creative problem-solving toolbox, teachers will learn how to effectively select when, where, how, and why to integrate technology strategies ranging from low-fidelity quick and accessible materials to high-fidelity digital resources.