New Media Conference 2015

High Impact  |  Design Learning Strategies Engage Creative Problem Solvers and Purposeful Makers

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for joining us in an insightful working session at New Media Conference 2015 in Washington DC! Below are resource links to the slide deck along with relevant files and references. Sunand and I look forward to your questions, comments, and/or additional requests.

Doris Wells-Papanek, Design Learning Network

Sunand Bhattacharya, Autodesk Education

NMC 2015 Workshop
During the workshop we explored targeted aspects of an ongoing collaborative action research study with the University System of New Hampshire. Our aim to make positive impact on student learning by integrating creativity, high-impact problem-solving strategies, effective technological tools, and purposeful making.


Workshop Problem Statement
Students today would greatly benefit from opportunities to intentionally think for themselves, develop critical problem-solving skills and strategies – along with master effective decision-making practices (Kohn, 2014). 

John Hattie, 2012