Ohio Blended Learning 2017

Lake Erie College Seminar, Spring 2017

Deeper Insights into Blended Learning

Attention Ohio educators, Blended Learning provides students with multiple opportunities within their education, as well as drawbacks. In this course, we will make sense of the big picture with a clear aim toward purposeful applications of this powerful method, albeit limited at times.

Together we will gain deeper insight into framing practical, creative problem-based blended learning challenges. We will focus on supporting student learning needs, increasing positive impact on learning experiences, and optimizing learning outcomes – as guided by Ohio Department of Education's Blended Learning Model. Topics include applications such as project-based learning, personalized learning, competency-based learning, service learning, STEM, and STEAM. Individual research and lesson planning will be embedded into our meeting time.

Final course assessment requires the implementation of a lesson plan, teacher/student reflections, and formative assessment findings. BYOD, onsite Chromebooks provided.