Open Design Learning Challenge

Join us in Open Design Learning Challenge

Welcome to the Design Learning Network's Open Challenges! Open Challenges offer K-12 educators flexible projects and timelines in which to integrate the design learning process into their classroom -- where students are provided with the opportunity to explore and investigate a relevant STEM-based problem worth solving by way of design as pedagogy. 

Participation guidelines and sample problem sets for Open Challenges will be posted soon.

Open Challenges invite teams of art, design, the humanities, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) K-12 educators and students to investigate a shared problem to solve, solve a relevant problem, and generate a creative & innovative design solution from multiple perspectives. Learners will be challenged to explore the interconnections and interrelationships of theory, practice, and the real world.

This school year's overarching theme is focused on Imagining Life in the Year 2050. Specifically, teams will study the Impact of Upcycling (re-purposing old materials to create new designs) by way of one of nine pathways: home, work, learning, health, community, mobility, play, agriculture, or environment.

Open Challenge 2014 will require approximately 6 sessions for K-12 teachers to guide collaborative student teams as they develop their project based on the Design Learning Process.

Similar to the A Honeybee's Life in the Year 2050 challenge, students will engage in learning about the current state of the frog's dilemma as well as imagine possible solutions in preparation for the year 2050. The aim is to propose innovative and purposeful upcycled designs that result in creating positive and sustainable impact.

Disappearing Frogs, by Kerry M. Kriger

Frogs (and amphibians in general) are in danger -- worldwide, nearly one-third of the world's amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. And yet, frogs contribute to our well-being in many important ways. Kerry M. Kriger describes why frogs are in trouble and how you can help save them.