PD Course Descriptions

Critical Question
What level of impact might critical thinking,
creativity, and problem-solving
via high-impact teaching and learning strategies 
have on student learning and outcomes? 

Pedagogy Course Description
1 Semester Credit Hour (15 hours)

Anchored in the insightful action research practices of Dr. Betty Garner (2012), teacher learners will:
  • Engage in personalized mini-action research studies designed to support their primary areas of interest and professional development learning needs (selected from workshop articles)

  • Receive continuous feedback and coaching as needed
The primary outcome of the Pedagogy Coursework includes the development of an engaging lesson plan along with a doable learning framework for instructional delivery. 

Classroom Application Course Description
1 Semester Credit Hour (15 hours)
Prerequisite: Pedagogy Course

The Classroom Application Course serves as a continuation of the Pedagogy Course. The primary outcomes of the Classroom Application Coursework include the lesson plan refinements and an expanded learning framework with important elements such as formative assessments and data gathering/reporting methods.