Professional Development

Professional Development Workshop
The morning session welcomed K-12 teachers from the Kansas City Metro area to participate
in an interactive design learning professional development workshop 
and learn from renowned 
keynote speaker, Garfield Gini-Newman. Garfield, professor at the University of Toronto and national
senior consultant at 
The Critical Thinking Consortium, is an international expert on the integration of
challenges in the classroom, critical thinking, and habits of mind. 

Following Garfield's keynote, Alison Crane, KCDW Design Learning Challenge Teacher Lead,
shared an insightful overview
 of the design learning process and ways in which to align instruction
with the Common Core State Standards and National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.

The morning concluded with a presentation by Doris Wells-Papanek, Director of the Design
Learning Network, who shared an overview of the day's events, invited participants to
engage in a mini challenge,
 offered a bit of historical connection to the Kansas City Art Institute,
unpacked the essentials of the design learning process, summarized recent challenges, as well as
worldwide preparation for the March 1 event.

Garfield Gini-Newman's Keynote Presentation

Alison Crane's Keynote Presentation

Doris Wells-Papanek's Keynote Presentation