Revere HS Challenge 2016

Insightful Experiences
Monumental Understandings

On Friday, December 16, 2016, over 150 high school students from Revere High School engaged in the Insightful Experiences, Monumental Understandings Design Learning Challenge. The purpose of the event was to provide students with the opportunity to become aware of the concept of habits of mind. The goal is for students to learn to make intentional decisions as to which habit(s) to engage within a given context.

The powerful concept of Habits of Mind, as defined by Garfield Gini-Newman and Roland Case of the Critical Thinking Consortium is as such: “motivated thinkers who are inquisitive, consultative, open-minded, fair-minded, tolerant of ambiguity, self-reflective, and attentive to detail.
An individual’s attitudes – or habits of mind – are key constituents of good thinking. People who are, for example, closed to new ideas or inflexible in their thinking are seriously impaired in their ability to arrive at justifiable resolutions of issues. 

Open-mindedness is but one of an array of habits of mind needed by thinkers. The tendency of some individuals is to rashly leap to conclusions underlies another crucial mental habit of a good thinker, the inclination to deliberate – to think before acting. 

Successful thinking is significantly (but by no means exclusively) a matter of attitude.”

Gini-Newman, Garfield, and Roland Case. Creating Thinking Classrooms:
Leading Educational Change for
a 21st Century World. Critical Thinking Consortium, 2015.

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