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Please close your eyes - imagine life in the year 2050…

Now consider how life might be different?  How will you make the world be a better place to live, learn, or have fun?

Session One


I want to change how we:

Communicate with Friends

Learn at School

Have Fun During Free Time

1.        In three minutes or less, draw a sketch of what your change looks like in the year 2050:

                Where you are in the world?

                Who you are with?

                What you are doing ?


2.     Now list the 3 most important steps that must happen to ensure your vision will come true




3.     Please form into teams and share your vision – do you recognize patterns (similarities) emerging?
Do you notice common interests, emotional connections, purpose, memories, and/or motivations, etc.?

Session Two

4.     As a team – select one common vision in which to focus – followed by brainstorming many ideas of how to make your change happen

5.     Using a democratic (equitable) approach, select the three most viable solutions




6.     Watch all or part  of one of the following videos:

The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice:

Tomorrow's World - Plastic Grass 10 April 1968 – BBC:

Walter Cronkite in the Living Room of 2001:

After the Warming:

1993 View of the Future by AT&T:

Tomorrow's World - Office of the Future 16 April 1969 – BBC:

Apple Futureshock:

Prediction of the Home Computer:

Prophetic Student Internet PSA:

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet:

7.     As a team – analyze the “hello product” ad – consider how you might communicate your vision in the form of a brief message in the year 2050

Session Three

8.     Now as a team – create a one page communication piece for each solution, then select the best idea to present to your class

9.     As a class – share an open dialogue to offer feedback, input, and ideas for possible improvements, along with a discussion about the overall learning experience

Doris Wells-Papanek,
Feb 5, 2014, 10:14 AM