Step 4 - Demonstrate

Finalize, implement plan of action

4.1  Finalize Plan of Action

Students review plan of action and adjust as needed to assure the best possible results – then determine final form of the design solution: research, product, communications, service, system, and/or user experience design

4.2  Design Iterations, Visualizations

Learners engage in a series of iterative visualizations of prospective top design solutions – apply formative checkpoints, organize and make sense of data collected

4.3  Adjust, Prototype, Select Design

Students adjust design(s) as needed – select up to 3 concepts to prototype as mock-ups and/or models – apply final checkpoint to then select one design approach

4.4  Develop Final Design

Learners develop final design based on feedback received at each formative checkpoint along the way – to prepare a story of their learning experiences

4.5  Produce Storyboard

Students produce a storyboard  – to tell the story of how their design solution solves the problem in purposeful, creative, and innovative ways

4.6  Generate Process Book

Learners generate a process book – to share their experiences with the design learning process

4.7  Prepare 3-Minute Video

Students prepare a 3-minute video – to serve as an overview of innovative design solution and experiences with the design learning process

4.8  Refine Design, Presentation

Students refine design as needed and prepare for presentation