Step 5 - Evaluate

Assess learning, identify next steps

5.1  Assess Learning Process

Students reflect and make sense of their design learning experiences, progress towards learning key skills and concepts, as well as lessons learned 

5.2  Consider Improvements

Facilitators and learners consider how the evolution of the process could be improved – then identify any necessary changes if the challenge were repeated

5.3  Ask New Questions

Students contemplate new critical questions that come to mind – then propose hypothetical next steps if they were to continue the project

5.4  Conduct POST-Challenge Assessment

Students re-take PRE-assessment – serves as a POST-challenge assessment and comparison of initial, midpoint, and end of project understanding and depth of knowledge findings

5.5  Apply and Transfer Learning

Learners consider how new understandings (knowledge and skills) along with new ways of thinking – might be used in everyday life and/or in other subject areas

5.6  Final Evaluation (Optional)

Facilitators and students evaluate projects based on criteria established within the design learning process – this can serve as a summative (graded) assessment