Submission Guidelines

Mentored by a local design educator or practitioner, DLC 2012 Teams will conduct, analyze, represent, and submit their design learning action research findings using Google Sites. Students are encouraged to collaborate as a multi-disciplinary team with students from related disciplines such as business or education. 

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Requirements at a Glance

  1. Become a member of the Design Learning Challenge Facebook Group page.

  2. Rally a team of college design students to collaborate with, include students from other disciplines within your college. Select a lead designer to act as team facilitator. A team of 2-4 would be ideal.

  3. Secure a mentor from your design department or professional design community to provide insightful feedback as well as a local resource throughout the process.

  4. Partner with a local art classroom teacher and students in a K-12 classrom. Brainstorm ideas that connect your team and their context to DLC 2012. As needed, the DLC facilitator can assist with connecting with a local classroom teacher.

  5. Based on your learning needs, your team’s, and partnering art educator’s and students’, select one Challenge Category.

  6. Each team will develop a DLC project website via Google Sites to deliver progress check-ins, milestones, as well as required section parameters within the final submission.

  7. Teams are required to adhere to challenge requirements and integrate the Learn.Think.Do components within their submissions.

  8. Your team facilitator will monitor deliverables. All team members will be held accountable to deliver their part/s.

  9. All teams will produce a 1-3 minute video to serve as an overview of their project.

  10. All teams will provide a photo of each team member along with contact information, department, and role in the challenge.

  11. Selected teams will be asked to produce presentation boards for a special Design Learning Challenge section of the Design Gallery at IDSA’s International Conference 2012 in Boston.

  12. Each winning team will select a representative to attend IDSA’s International Conference 2012 in Boston, along with a possible presentation or panel.

Additional Submission Thoughts

  • Teams may choose to explore additional project funding options, for example via

  • Additional submission content regarding potential next steps as well as thoughtful feedback on existing DLC process is appreciated.