Submission Instructions

Congratulations, you are almost finished!

Please follow the steps below to submit your students' project(s).

  1. Based on the Challenge Curriculum Framework - use this design learning process to guide your students as they develop the content of their submissions

  2. Consolidate your students' project content into a word document as framed by the Google Sites Template - follow the instructions on that page to build your own project site

  3. If your students have formed multiple challenge teams, please create a Google Site for each project submission

  4. NOTE: all content must be “blind” – please do not include names, schools, organizations, or location/s of stakeholders involved (first names are okay)

  5. Produce a 1-3 minute project video, upload the video to YouTube, then embed the link on your Overview page of your Google Site, here is an example to consider

  6. Finalize your Challenge 2013 Planner - note the downloadable word document at the bottom of the page (click the blue arrow). Please include this document as an attachment within your Google Site(s) - note: if for some reason this process is causing issue, let me know and I will send the word document via email

  7. Include relevant information in regards to which standards your student's challenge(s) are aligned with

  8. Respond to the instructions provided for each step in the design learning process - explore, describe, explain, demonstrate, and evaluate

  9. Visualizations, photographs, and other related imagery of the design learning process, study findings, etc. are highly encouraged

  10. Presentation board/s are optional, however encouraged

  11. Integrate all of the above information as content and/or attachment/s into your Google Site(s)

  12. Click here for the Facilitator's Final Assessment Instructions

  13. Once winners are announced, please do refresh your Google Site, Overview Video, etc. to include names, locations, photo/s of participants, and contact information

  • Winners will be announced on Friday, May 31
  • Plans are in place to recognize all Challenge 2013 participants at the Design Learning Workshop during the IDSA International Conference in Chicago on August 23, 2013

  • Plans are evolving for the 2013 IDSA K12 Design Education Symposium where representative winners will likely be invited to attend and present

  • All participant entries will remain in the archives on our project website for all to celebrate and benefit from your substantial efforts for years to come!