Symposium Program Overview


Wicked Insights into the Minds of Creative Problem Solvers

In partnership with Autodesk Education, the Design Learning Network invited cross-discipline K-16 educators (art, design, the humanities, and STEM) – along with administrators, designers, visionaries and industry leaders to attend Symposium 2014. Guided by three internationally renowned experts, participants explored wicked insights into the creative problem solving process, critical and creative thinking, growth mindsets, impact on learning, targeted assessment, and positive neuroscience.

Dinner with Dr. Rex Jung

The Origins of Impact on Student Learning and Achievement
Mindsets - Fixed, Growth, and Implications for Learning

Micro-Feedback Formative Assessment

Here Be Dragons
Extraordinary Workshops
Best Practice Panel & Presentations
Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop
Design - Based Strategy Pop-Ups

Throughout this thought provoking three-day program attendees: 
  • Explored how to challenge K-16 art, design, the humanities, and STEM students from multiple perspectives

  • Learned the science behind our brain as we engage in creative and innovative thinking – and its powerful impact on learning

  • Gained invaluable insights into your student’s mindset as they learn to become confident and creative problems solvers 

  • Experienced a maker-based design and growth mindset-centered design learning challenge workshop 

Design Learning Network Symposium 2014 Sponsor