Step 1 - Explore

Step 1)  Explore in 50 minutes  |  Steps 1-3 Completed by Friday, Sept 12, 2014

This challenge is open to all K-16 educators and their students. If you are attending Symposium 2014 and
would like to submit your student's progress, please refer to the overview for further instructions. 

The sequence below assumes a fast track to prepare for the symposium in respect to the beginning of the
new school year. Please do adjust the flow as you see fit based on subject, grade level, available time, and
student's learning needs.

5 minutes
Learners complete the Growth and Fixed Mindset Inventory to capture current student levels of understanding and depth of knowledge of key concepts.

At the beginning of Step 2, please describe the inventory scoring process and discuss in general the outcomes. Let them know there are no “right or wrong” answers, rather the scores serve as indicators of their current inclination toward a growth or fixed mindset.

15 minutes
Students engage in Growth Mindset New Concept Chart Talk Activity

25 minutes
Learners form teams and Debate Growth Mindset Concepts

5 minutes
Teams read Extraordinary Person Dilemma Snippet, watch introduction video, and preview upcoming content: (teacher generated with the guide or by using/adapting the posted example challenges)

Empathize (relate) with their person’s disposition (character) toward:
  • Dilemma (situation), challenge (problem), and adversity (barriers)
  • Choices he/she has made
Effectively identify evidence of their person’s growth/fixed mindset dispositions:
  • When faced with challenges (problems)
  • When confronted with adversity (barriers)
Become aware of team’s growth/fixed mindset dispositions and decision-making practices toward:
  • Designing creative (original) and innovative (new and purposeful) solutions beyond the norm (compared to initial or common thinking)
  • Making sustainable contributions (renewable)
Assess and reflect on their own (typical) use of growth mindset dispositions

Feel free to select up to 3 extraordinary person(s) for your class to investigate based on your curriculum (one is recommended). Or you can choose from the examples posted on the project website.

Selection of person(s) and the flow of the challenge is flexible based on subject, grade level, available time, and student learning needs.

Pre-Symposium 2014 - Teachers Submit Sample Student Work

We would love to hear about your experiences, perceptions, and thoughts throughout the challenge! Send to