Team Plan of Action


Step 3  |  Team Plan of Action

Explain  |  Team Plan of Action Overview

Name of Team


Career Perspective


Grade Level(s)  |  Age(s)


Pathway of Interest


Number of Students


Form of Design Solution


Team Problem Statement


Team Challenge Brief


Team Critical Question


Upcycling Resources


Team Criteria Checkpoints




Key Terms and Concepts

Creativity: Use your imagination to produce original thoughts, solutions, or expressions

Divergent Thinking: Explore many ideas vs. one right answer, along with flipping what you would normally think (convergent thinking) into a contrary position to gain unique insights into the problem

Innovation: Create novel (new) ideas, methods, or devices that serve a purpose

Entrepreneurship: Develop and manage an innovative business venture in a global marketplace

Upcycling: The practice of repurposing materials to ensure added value within a new form of use

Essential Skills

*      See with eyes and mind

*      Effectively collaborate

*      Sort and filter critical information

*      Engage in thoughtful reflection

Evidence of Success

*      Act on informed decisions

*      Assess effectiveness, offer improvements, ask new questions, transfer new understandings


*      Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts

Doris Wells-Papanek,
Feb 5, 2014, 10:44 AM