The Design Learning Process

The primary objective of the Design Learning Process
is to invite
students to develop the capacity to “see with their eyes” and “see with their minds” – to tap into their sense of curiosity and become aware of when they are making good choices and when they are not.
  • Students learn to discover and articulate problems worth solving, craft well-designed critical questions, establish targeted criteria, and strike a balance between creativity while using a systems approach
  • Divergent thinking serves as the catalyst for transforming a potentially flat problem solving process into a multi-dimensional and human-centered design learning experience

  • The goal is for students to become creative problem solvers as they explore the unknown, describe what they find, explain what they learn, demonstrate evidence of innovative design solutions, and evaluate levels of productive impact they'd likely make in the real world.

Horizon: The Creative Brain How Insights Works
Published on March 29, 2013
BBC Documentary