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Phase 1 

Progress Update Survey

Conference Poster Session

Phase 2 

Final Submissions

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Design Learning Workshop

K12 Design Symposium

Submission Timeline

Challenge 2013 has purposely been designed to be flexible and therefore sensitive to a variety of learning contexts. 

The goal of the challenge is to engage your students in a series of meaningful opportunities to practice creative problem solving skills and innovative thinking – in a learning environment where they feel safe to take risks, embrace their successes and failures, and explore 21st century learning skills.

The Phase 1 Progress Update Survey served as a midpoint formative assessment and feedback loop regarding students' efforts - posters were shared at IDSA District Design Conferences.

Phase 2 Final Submissions, Due no later than May 15, 10pm CST - will take the form of a Google Site that includes an overview video, relevant imagery, and a series of brief essays targeted at specific aspects of the Challenge 2013 design learning process. In addition, Challenge 2013 Facilitators will complete a Final Assessment - which will serve as an overview for jury members.

Challenge 2013 Celebrations