Tools - Interview Wheel

Personal Connections and Impact Wheel

*   With object in hand, please turn to your elbow buddy and begin the interview process
*   When complete, switch roles and repeat the process with your partner
*   See below for detailed interview steps
*   Attached below are both Microsoft Word and PDF versions of the Interview Wheel

Interview Wheel Instructions
  1. Select who interviews who first

  2. Write your partner’s name – above the box

  3. Write the name of your partner’s object – inside the middle circle

  4. Based on criteria categories provided, ask your partner a few open-ended questions to gain a better understanding of their personal connections to the object – make 1-3 brief notes per section

  5. Now ask your partner to consider what life would be like without the object and resulting level of impact – make 1-3 brief notes in the outer ring

  6. Time to switch roles!

  7. Once everyone in your group is ready, share out your experiences

  8. Once you have identified a team name – write it above the box

Doris Wells-Papanek,
Aug 21, 2012, 3:21 PM
Doris Wells-Papanek,
Aug 21, 2012, 3:21 PM