Ways of Thinking

Systems Thinking  |  Design Thinking
by Arnold Wasserman of Collective Invention

"Systems Thinking emphasizes our need to understand a whole system and the relationships between its parts rather than focusing on its parts in isolation. The goal is to uncover those aspects of the system that with the greatest potential to change the system as a whole. 

Design Thinking begins by understanding both the tacit and explicit needs of stakeholders, and then carries this understanding through a design process. In this context, design thinking is the process of taking an imaginative leap into the future and working back from the desired outcome to identify what must then happen."

Critical Thinking 
by Garfield Gini-Newman of the University of Toronto

University of Toronto professor Garfield Gini-Newman visited with CTV Morning Live to discuss the 3 C's. Professor Newman is exploring some of the key findings in brain research and how parents can work with children to help them become better critical and creative thinkers.