Working Session

Design Learning Challenge Working Session
In the afternoon, entrepreneurs, designer practitioners, and college design students
joined the K-12 teachers
 for the challenge portion of the event. During this time,
participants rolled up their sleeves to coach and mentor high students who had been
hard at work to prepare for these final 
two steps of the Jobs 2050 Design Learning Challenge. 

To kick-off the afternoon, teams of students engaged in a "speed dating" session
with 3 minutes to pitch their ideas and gain initial feedback from 
entrepreneurs, design
professionals, college students, and K-12 teachers. 

During the remainder of the daystudents refined their plan of action, produced
visualizations of their ideas, prototyped a final design concept, and presented to the
jury panel.
We wrapped up the day with an open dialogue and reflection session
moderated by Garfield Gini-Newman and then celebrated the efforts of all 
participants and